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Knee Alignment

Knee Alignment

Working with Scott Richmond to educate young softball players about the importance of knee alignment

Although there’s long been an awareness of the importance of knee alignment in young athletes, I’m still seeing a lot of compromised positions during training drills at the fields and community center gyms.

Whenever an athlete jumps, lands, squats, lunges or runs it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the knees. Ideally there should be a relatively straight line from the hip joint to the ankle joint, with the knee joint falling along that imaginary line. Any time the knee collapses inside that line (valgus) or flares outside that line (varus) there is lateral and rotational stress on the joint and it’s soft-tissue structures. By controlling this alignment during all training and conditioning activities you’ll increase the chances for the athlete to maintain healthy alignment during competition, which should help to decrease the risk of injury.